Awareness campaign: To know and understand the LGBTI terms and rights


According to a study by the National Institute for Democracy (NDI), one of the main reasons for prejudices against LGBTI persons, is the lacking of information.

More than 1000 “face-to-face” interviews in Albania, have revealed that there are shortcomings in recognizing the LGBTI acronym (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex). Albanians have more information about gays and lesbians, but know almost nothing about bisexual, transgender and intersexual groups. Only 8% of the respondents in our country answered the question correctly.

We believe that breaking the information barriers and knowing each other, is essential for a coexistence where the rights of all members of society are respected the same. For this purpose, a series of informational videos that will be published during the next two weeks on social networks will serve to raise awareness and inform both the general public and the LGBTI community itself about concepts, definitions, and terms.

The first video that will launch the awareness campaign, is Sexual Orientation Vs Gender Identity. These are two terms that are often confused or not used properly. Sexual orientation is about “to whom I feel attraction” and gender identity is about “who I am and how I feel,” the video below says more.

Following videos will answer a number of questions like:

– How to refer properly to transgender, transsexual and transvestite people?

– Why is the “I” letter used in the LGBTI acronym?

Except for the specific topics about the LGBTI community, the videos will also explain concepts that pertain to everyone’s fundamental rights and freedoms, such as LGBTI Ally, equal acceptance and equal treatment of students through inclusive education.

This campaign is being implemented by Pro LGBT in the framework of a joint awareness-raising initiative supported by CoE / Eu Assistance and are part of the project “Preventing and Combating Discrimination on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Albania”.


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