Allies of the Year 2017 for the protection of LGBTI rights


The “Alliance Against Discrimination LGBT” and “Pro LGBT” in the framework of the Week Against Homophobia and Transphobia will organize the “Ally of the Year” ceremony. For the six consecutive year, the two organizations evaluate characters or initiatives that have supported the LGBTI rights movement, each according to the field they work.

The Alliance Against Discrimination LGBT and Pro LGBT this year have the pleasure to thank:

1) The Directorate of Defense and Social Inclusion of the Municipality of Tirana for the support it has provided during this year during the campaign against bullism in schools.

2) Mrs. Deona Çano, Psychologist in the city of Vlora, for the support she has given during her work as a school psychologist to members of the LGBT community

3) Mrs. Semi Jaupaj for moral and artistic support regarding love within the same gender. Jaupaj was one of the participants of the video “All for Love & Love for All” realized in the framework of the charity evening “Embrace the Diversity, Supports the Progress”

4) Mrs. Marsela Çibukaj for the sincere support. She is also a participant in the realization of the song “All for Love & Love for All”, where the message given is that love is for everyone.

5) Mrs. Kamela Islamaj, singer, for her sincere support toward the LGBTI community through her art.

6) Mrs. Manjola Hasa, journalist, for communicating with correctness, dignity, and truthfulness the news regarding the LGBTI cause.

7) School Senators of “Petro Nini Luarasi” for their courage and support in informing the youth of “Petro Nini Luarasi” school about bullism in schools.

8) Mrs. Etleva Sheshi, responsible for social inclusion issues and gender equality at the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, for continued support to the LGBTI community.

9) Mrs. Edira Teferiçi – Diversity Specialist at the State Police, for her ongoing work to inform police officers about LGBTI issues and the support she has provided to LGBTI organizations.

10) TLAS organization, a free legal aid organization, for the assistance it has provided to members of the LGBTI community.

The ceremony will be held during the Gala charity dinner “Love Is All” on 17 May at 19:30. This charity event is organized for the fourth year by the “Streha” center, which helps endangered homeless LGBTI youths through housing and reintegration into society.

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