A letter to Rama: Headmistress of “Sami Frasheri” high school, insults LGBT students and their parents


Dear Prime Minister, Mr. Edi Rama.

Today we have faced an outreagous interview that the Headmistress of “Sami Frashëri” high school in Tirana gave for Shekulli newspaper.

In this interview of March 29, Teuta Dobi, Headmistress of the most important Albanian public high school, states, among other things towards LGBT students, even with or without the teacher approvement, they are also students of the school that she runs:

“I do not know about these meetings, but I personally do not agree. I have no reason to have them here, because they have nothing to show to people. I welcome a musician or songwriter so I set a role model for the kids. I do not welcome them at all”.

Mr. Rama,

We are sure you are informed for the ongoing situation, that this is a flagrant case that should not be left untackled. The lady in question has not only violated all the codes of ethics of the honorable profession that she represents but rejecting to treat everyone equally is a punishable offense by Albanian laws.

Such a language not only offends hundreds and thousands of students of the LGBT community and their parents, but is the flagrant indicator that bullying in Albania unfortunately is inspired not only by the lack of educational programs in schools, but also by many uninformed teachers, constituting a public risk to children and young people.

We would like to inform you that we will notify any international organization in and out of Albania about this case and for many other other flagrant cases where teachers mistreat persons who are perceived as members of the LGBT community, cases that we have seen with our own eyes, and many times we have also informed you.

We now seek concrete actions from you, in order to be convinced that you are serious about the issue of respecting human rights.

Looking forward to your response


Xheni Karaj                                                                                                       Kristi Pinderi

Executive Director of Aliance LGBT                                                             Bord Member of Pro LGBT

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