Media release from LGBTI: After storm and rain there is always rainbow


Aleanca LGBT and Pro LGBT held today a meeting with Albanian State Police to discuss all issues related to the security of Tirana Gay Pride.

The organizers of the pride were ensured that this activity will be held under full protection from the Police.

It is important to understand that activism cannot be done either only inside the home, neither just through the social media or at coffee bars.

Apart from the activists, supporters and open minded allies of the LGBTI cause, we have got confirmation of participation from local government and other state agencies.

Aleanca LGBT and Pro LGBT are determined on one thing: we will keep with our plan to demand equal rights for all citizens and we will demand this, regardless of participation at the pride of either the state representatives or the international community and ambassadors.

The LGBTI community will use the public space in a peaceful way asking for attention to human rights. We believe that the time of unkept promises has ended and the time of putting citizen’s interest, their dignity and needs as priority has come.

We take this opportunity to encourage the LGBTI community in Albania: It is sure that after storm and rain, the rainbow will always appear…

Please find below the final itinerary agreed with the State Police and coordinated with the opposition as well.


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