A homophobic singer will represent Albania in Eurovision Song Contest


Eneda Tarifa was quite concerned last year about the sexual orientation and gender identity of the Austrian singer Conchita. But last night, Eneda won the first prize at Albanian Radio and Television Song Contest which will give her now the chance to represent Albania at Eurovision Song Contest, an event which clearly do not support discrimination based on SOGI.

Two other contestants far more fresh and competent Flaka Krelani and Besa Krasniqi did not even approached the second positions (Krelani was awarded the third position).

Eurovision Song Contest is not even fully respected by Tarifa who stated more than a year ago, when Conchitta won it: “Is this really the Eurovision? Hahahah are you kidding? Where are we heading through? Where is the music? Where is the music hidden?”

When LGBT rights activists reacted she went on expressing her concern on how to explain Conchitta’s SOGI to her children. She even stated: “Within such events (Eurovision), you can clearly find lobbying based on sexual orientation”.

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  • denis

    I dont think she deserve to sing in Eurovision and represent Albania because the other two girls were way bette than her. But I agree her attitude toward this gay political festival which is Eurofake*!