The vague language of EU in Albania regarding LGBTI rights


Alliance Against Discrimination of LGBT and ProLGBT, two major LGBTI organizations in Albania congratulate European Union for the work done in drafting the latest progress report for Albania.

We fully understand the dynamics of the many problems that Albania faces and need to solve, but we regret to notice that the space dedicated to the state of rights and to the human rights demands a more concrete and vocal rhetoric.

The paragraph that explains the situation of LGBTI rights is, in our opinion, a vague and general one that does not fully addresses the problematic and also the way how to solve the problems.

As it is underlined at this progress report, we believe that Albania needs to work more on law implementation and also in raising public awareness regarding LGBTI rights but we don’t read in this report concrete suggestions of: what the government should do, what the Parliament should do and how can the collaboration among the state and civil society can be strengthen.

We also want to remind that mentioning the opening of the first residential shelter for LGBTI people should not serve as a justification for the government, but it should be considered as a possibility for the government to invest more with its expertise and its financial means in order to make this public service  a sustainable service.

Alliance of LGBT and ProLGBT are willing to find collaboration bridges with the international community and the government to better identify and address the problematic that the LGBTI community is facing in the country.


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